PO. Frank DiGianni EMT-P US Park Ranger


A Life Lived with few Regrets!

I’m sitting next to my friend as he’s slowly dying wondering what runs through his mind. Is he scared for the unknown or at peace with what’s to come?

It will be his last journey to the unknown, a story he won’t be able to share.

He was an awesome story teller as is evidenced in his book. He had the ability to paint the picture by describing the fine details that allowed you to be part of his journeys.

Soon, he won’t be here any longer to tell us one more adventure however his stories are now for our memories of him.

It’s now our turn to tell his story, to care for Kim and Amanda, his numerous great childhood friends and not to forget his lovely sister Rose.

Frank lived every minute of his life on his terms, often upsetting those who could not handle it. What we all appreciated more than anything above all, you never had to wonder where you stood with Frank.

He loved his friends like brothers, left no stone unturned to make those close to him feel loved and cared for.

What is most fascinating about Frank that few others can match is his un canning ability to travel around the world with little to no resources. He had an unlimited imagination from which many great stories were born.

Standing around the bed with your five amigos, it is quite apparent the strong bond formed many decades ago, with some stories told but many more never to be told again. Best friends forever.

Frank made a difference far beyond his own aspirations. He spread his knowledge and wisdoms around the world from Kenya to the Thailand from East Coast to West Coast and North America to South America.

Many today are providing care in remote corners of the world because Frank truly cared. It was not his ego but his heart that gave inspiration to many students alike.

When the situation was dire no matter where, Frank is who you wanted on your side.

Sometimes good medicine other times sheer Macgyver like, he was resourceful, imaginative and most importantly determined to provide good care to each of his patients of which there are many.

Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Police Cars to Medivac Helicopters, he’s ridden all.

Humans, chickens, rhinos, kangaroos or his beloved dogs, he has healed them all.

High angle rescue, delivering babies, amputations, fighting forest fires to allergic reactions. He has seen it all.

Teaching, instructing, mentoring, proctoring, sharing his knowledge, he’s done it all.

Spending time in disaster zones from Kenya to his time on the pile after September 11th 2001, he’s been there to all.

Especially proud of the fact he was hired as a Police Officer at age 60, making arrest, investigating car wrecks and saving drowning tourist, he has contributed to all!

On a more personal note, Frank was not the settling type of guy often not long enough in any given town to find through love. Too many place to explore. Therefor, it wasn’t until his later years that he found his true love in Kim.

I’m sure there were trying times and turbulent waters living with Frank however nobody could ever say that it was boring at all.

While building their beautiful homestead, they slept in their shed. Another time, in pursuit of visiting his fifteenth state, they traveled to Hawaii on a song and a prayer, slept on the beach, bathed at our hotel and served as my witness in marriage in 2005.

I remember well when he called and said “Walt”, I have a story for you.

Knowing Frank that could have led us anywhere. That day, he shared with me that unbeknownst to him for 23 years he had a daughter named Amanda that found him because of the tattoo on his ass. Only in Frank’s life could this happen.

His legacy will live on in the pages of his book “Experienced-Twelve True Tales Of Travel-Triumph-Tribulations” and the many lives he has touched along the way.

See you later my brother as there’s no good bye. The heavens will have gained an angel, an eclectic personality, an explorer and simply a good man.

Love you like an older brother. Till we meet again!