Dr. Michael S. Lippe

Dr. Michael S. Lippe

Dr. Michael S. Lippe


Dr. Michael S. Lippe was always a Jersey boy at heart, growing up in the suburban town of Clifton, NJ. Upon graduation from Clifton High School in 1972, Mike followed in his father’s footsteps and headed off to Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania. Always wanting to become a doctor, Mike was a top-notch pre-med student and entered Penn Sate University College of Medicine at The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.


Excited to begin his medical career, Mike enrolled in his residency at Georgetown University Hospital. While this major step put him on track towards ultimately becoming a medical director, it was during this time that he found his true happiness in life, his wife Suzanne.


From that point on Mike worked his way up from an emergency room physician in Washington, D.C to medical director at Carlisle Hospital in Pennsylvania to his dream job of running his own ER group “Rockland Emergency” in New York state just 30 minutes from his childhood home. During these busy years, Mike always made time for his wife and three daughters, taking them on family vacations and even coaching pee-wee teams.


Always looking for a challenge, Mike pursued another passion of his: flying. After receiving his private pilots license in the 90’s, Mike flew for both pleasure (he even ventured cross country) and of course to help others. He was an active member of Angel Flight that helped arrange free air transportation for charitable and medical needs.


Dr. Michael Lippe’s life was marked by this ever-present relationship of compassion and passion.  “I want to be remembered as a good husband, a good father, a good friend, and a compassionate doctor,” he said. With the outpouring of support from those who knew him, we can confidently say he succeeded.

Read the letter read at the first HVPA fund raising event held 6/10/2011 by Jeff Rabrich.

“…Mike was a tremendous supporter of EMS and pre-hospital care for 15 years. Of course
many of you know how entertaining as well as educational Mike could make a call
audit. I remember one year for the Holiday mega call audit, due to some
clerical error there were no PCRs to review. Here we had 100 EMS providers in
the room and there were no cases to discuss! Without a second’s hesitation,
Mike looked at us and said I’ll be back in a minute. He went to the ER and …” click here for the full letter.

More about Dr. Lippe to come.


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