HVPA Medical Director

Dr. Stuart Rasch D.O.

Dr. Stuart Rasch D.O.

Dr. Stuart Rasch

2 Responses to HVPA Medical Director

  1. Carolyn Williams says:

    Can you help me or direct me? I am looking for a paramedic with a first name of
    Lon. I do not have a last name, but he lives in Tarrytown. I want to send him a
    thank you note wherever he is stationed for his kindness to me.

    I am having an awful time getting no where, and I apologize for reaching out to you
    knowing your status with HVPA

    Thanking you for your assistance, I remain, Sincerely yours,

    • Walter Dusseldorp says:

      Dear Carolyn,

      I don’t know any Medic with first name of Lon…..I would suggest you contact Westchester County Office of Emergency Services and request the EMS desk liaison. He/she is likely to assist you with identifying the right person.


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