Dear Visitor,

We are amidst a true Pandemic Crisis COVID 19 whereby our members & associates are fighting the fight of their lives every day. We are asking you to be generous in your gift to support our member’s need for PPE, Education, Mental Health Support and Illness.

As an association, we are 100% committed to flowing any donations to the frontline providers at zero administrative costs. Any funds not distributed during the Pandemic COVID 19 will be redirected to fund our core mission to support Quality – Safety – Parity.

HVPA has committed to establishing a Memorial Scholarship” funds in memory of Nancy Bergquist, Tom Fantry, John McDonagh, Rich Quigley, Dr. Michael S. Lippe, and P.O. Frank DiGianni provides carefully selected EMTs in the Hudson Valley the opportunity to become a paramedic and we welcome your support.

We are currently seeking support from community participants like you, and any monetary help towards reaching our goals and objectives, no matter how small the amount, would be greatly appreciated. Your support will go a long way in assuring our success. In return for your generosity, the name of your company will appear on our website “Friend of Paramedics.” Platinum Sponsors will be displayed sitewide on the right-hand side of the page.

You can donate securely online by using the buttons below. If you like, we can mail you a receipt with our non-for-profit 501.c.3 EIN Number.

Thank you for considering supporting the HVPA paramedics.




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