HVPA Scholarship Award 2019

Hudson Valley Paramedic Association—Scholarship Competition






Ashley Williams

P.O. Frank DiGianni EMT-Paramedic Park Ranger Memorial

Paramedic Scholarship HVPA 2019


The Will to Save


What characteristics determine an extraordinary health care provider? The general populous would most likely include intelligence, patience, and above all compassion and empathy for fellow human beings. Most of the general populous possess these characteristics but what sets them from the health care professional is the drive to stop at nothing to save a life.

The motivation that drove me into the arms of emergency medicine was making a life for my daughter as well as the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. My journey started when I found out I was pregnant unexpectedly while I worked two jobs as a waitress and as a lead cafeteria worker. I wanted to make my daughter proud and the clear path choice at the time was to choose health care. I’ve always been the type to persevere in the face of diversity and to also prove that the impossible can be obtained as long as you believe its tangible. With this mindset, I have obtained my EMT certification while being 8 months pregnant and still working both jobs.

My career as an EMT for 3 years in both the transport and 911 system has taught me the value of life and also to provide the utmost care to my patients to the best of my ability. This has led me to want to push the boundaries of complacency and achieve the honorable certification for paramedicine. Many people believe that the true heroes are doctors but the unsung melodies that paramedics provide to their audience lead patients to the pied piper.

Paramedics are often looked at as the “doc on wheels” but to me, it’s way more than that. Paramedics are the foundation on which a patient’s health stands. Without a foundation, there is nothing for a physician to build on. Paramedics have the ability to cure what ails you the minute you call them to your rescue. They are the first thing you see when you’re having your worst day and they make it their duty to make it a better one. With this in mind, it is an honor and a privilege to even have the opportunity to provide the utmost care for my patients.

Emergency medicine has made me into a more well-rounded individual. It has shown me that we do not only treat cuts, bruises, or breaks but we also can heal with supportive care. It’s not all about adrenaline rushes or traumas. Being able to make a difference in a patient’s life both emotionally and physically drives me to continually perfect my craft and provide the best care possible at the highest level I can achieve.


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