September 8th 2011 | Meeting Minutes

The following are minutes from the September 8th 2011 Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend and give any input. Meetings are live, online and also allow for chat room participation.


Raffle ticket drawing will be held next Wednesday 9/14 at 1900hrs at Medic 3. Thus far, we have sold approximately 150 tickets and would love to make one final push to sell the remainder of the tickets over the next few weeks.
Please encourage all of your friends and family members to go to and look for link on right side of the page.

We have set up a bank account with provident bank in the association name and have established relations with an accountant in New City NY. We have also received our EIN number which will allow us to operate and receive donations as not for profit association.

Suzanne Lippe was nominated to become Director of Fundraising and Philantrophy. Board approved and Suzanne has graciously accepted the position. We are excited about the opportunities and contacts that she brings to the table.
Suzanne was able to get a short story published in a loacol paper regarding RCC graduation and handing out scopes for new graduates in memory of Dr. Mike Lippe.

Board discussed and approved spending up to $20 per member on membership package which will include decal, t shirt, pin, membership card and individual business cards to hand to satisfy patients, families and friends.

Solicitation campaign to commercial establishments will commence next week. Our goal is to find financial contributors as well as companies whom are willing to give percentage
discounts to Paramedics.

Mark Albert joined us tonight on conference call and has committed to facilitating a conversation on Facebook on generic topics and will answer any of your questions privately or for members only through our web site.

Jim is finalizing arraignments with Jason Pauluck of Centrelearn to add contend and access to online CME. We hope to finalize this by end of this month.

Lastly, we are calling upon all Medics to reach out to fellow medics and encourage them to sign up for membership and active participation in the association. Please advise if you are willing to be a local representative to assist with opening lines of communication.



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