August 4th 2011 – Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2011
Meeting lasted 35 minutes

Dusseldorp, Bernadette Frae, Rich Greer, Jim Hoffman and Joel Hirshfield. Scott
Frae excussed

Bank account
Scott Frae will be taking over Finance responsibilities and will be meeting me at Provident Bank in New City tomorrow morning to establish our bank account. We will at that time deposit ~1200 dollars into general fund account.

Pay Pal account
We will be establishing pay pal account over the next week to facilitate purchasing of  raffle tickets and make future donations

Giants Tickets
Suzanne Lippe has generously donated two season tickets to raffle off annually to raise scholarship funds. We have decided to sell 300 tickets at $20/each for max return of $6,000 which will be equally split between Nancy Bergquist and Rich Quigley scholarship funds. Mrs. Lippe has committed to purchasing books and
stethoscope’s for all new students at RCC

Solicitation campaign
Letter will be finalized over the next week and posted on our webpage for solicitation purposes throughout the Hudson Valley Region. It is our intention to raise funding to support our membership drive, legislative agenda
and other business expenses.

Scholarship request
Bern is going to ask a good friend to Medics if she is willing to write or edit our writings before publishing on our web page and assist us with writing an open solicitation letter for scholarships to enter into a local Paramedic Program

Membership status and drive
RCC has asked Walter Dusseldorp to speak as commencement speaker at graduation in late August. He will be
representing the association and push our membership agenda as well as other current topic such as licensure, education, professional development and legislative action for becoming a recognized third service.
Board members are concerned about the limited number of folks who have signed up on our webpage.
We are especially lacking membership from our younger colleague’s. We need to collectively work on finding members to push our agenda and drive membership. We also need to add value to our webpage and include decals, shirts and member ID cards when members sign up. More to come.

Fall meeting in Orange County
We didn’t discuss this but we would appreciate some assistance from Orange County members to identify a suitable meeting place in late Sept/early October to conduct a membership meeting

Centrelearn connection
Jason Pauluck CEO Centrelearn has graciously accepted a request to provide for free limited access to his Centrelearn which members can access to gain CME’s towards their re-certification.

Ask the Pharmacist page by Mark Albert Rph
We will be developing a side page on our webpage where members and associated members can pose questions for licensed Pharmacist, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Neuro-Surgeon, Emergency Medicine, etc. Questions can be posed anonymously if members wish to do so…. in another words, no question is a stupid question and
we can start generating a dialogue on standard of care topics. We hope to have this “Live” by mid-September.

Joel has requested a copy by-laws for examination and options available to the association to request amendments to allow membership status on both general counsel and REMAC without sponsorship from any particular county EMS agency

Going forward, meetings will be held on first Monday of the month at 9PM. Meetings will be accessible by all members with conference call in number posted on webpage on day of call

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at (we will be setting up HVPA admin webmail address in the very near future)

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