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Jim Hoffman

Jim Hoffman

Jim Hoffman, EMTP – Chief Information Officer Jim has been involved in EMS for about 19 years 17 of those as a paramedic. While most of his EMS time was in NYC 911, he now enjoys working in the Hudson Valley, Ulster County region. His dedication and passion for EMS and it’s future is evident in his weekly podcast at EMS Office Hours, which was nominated as EMS Blog of the Year in 2011.As the interim Chief Information Office, Jim has brought his knowledge base of the world wide web and it’s relation to EMS to the HVPA. He has created many websites both private and commercial and has been involved with many social media venues like EMS 2.0. He is also a supporter of many EMS related projects that look to advance the industry through education and media like The Chronicles of EMS.Jim is committed to the HVPA website growth in addition to the short and long term goals of the HVPA. He values his role with the association and looks forward to it’s future and what it can do for the paramedics in it’s ranks.Connect with Jim on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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