2014 HVPA Scholarship Award

Hudson Valley Paramedic Association—Scholarship Competition

In agreement with the Association’s goal of providing the highest level of quality medical assistance to the public, HVPA is offering a $1500 competitive scholarship to assist a qualified EMT to become a paramedic.

The competition is open to currently certified NYS EMTs who are in good standing with their EMS organization(s).

Applicant Requirements:

a. Two letters of endorsement from supervisors and/or peers.
b. An original essay, with the following criteria:


a. Why do you want to be a paramedic?
b. How do you visualize making an impact in Healthcare?

• Essay Length: 1000-1500 words maximum
• Deadline for Submission: 1 August 2014 (end of day)

The essay should be submitted to walter@gotoservicesnow.com. A panel of four judges will preside over the competition.

The scholarship winner will be announced on 10 August 2014 on the HVPA Facebook page.

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